Upal display is so well-constructed. We guarantee it.
Thanks to years of research, engineering and testing, you can depend on Upal for reliable, dependable and durable displays. We are so committed to your satisfaction and so proud of our manufacturing excellence that we offer the best warranty coverage in the business. Warranty coverage begins on the day you receive your Upal covered products and expires as listed below.
Upal will repair or replace, at its discretion, any returned products that fail to function due to defective materials or workmanship --free of charge--for one year from the date of purchase.
Damage due to vandalism, theft, fire, natural disasters, or losses in shipment may be covered by your insurance and/or common carrier. Please check these resources prior to calling Upal.
Damage to laminated surfaces are not covered by any warranty.
Damage incurred to rollable graphic panels due to mishandling, folding, creasing, rolling too tightly, packing or shipping, piercing and outdoor use/exposure to extreme temperatures are not covered by this warranty.
Damage incurred by printed fabrics due to mishandling, abrasion or tearing, repacking errors, outdoor use or damage incurred during shipment are not covered by this warranty.
Consequential Expenses
Economic losses, including personal time and inconvenience, are not covered.
Chargeable Repairs
Items not covered by warranty may be repaired at a reasonable cost that is agreed to in advance between you and Upal.
Shipping Costs
Upal will pay return surface, standard one way shipping charges for products covered by Upal’s One-Year-Warranty. You may request and prepay the added cost of expedited transport.